Who are these looneys, anyway?

PGA is and always has been a shoestring Virtual Charter Airline flying light, general aviation aircraft. We do not, as a rule, fly heavy jets across the contenent or oceans. We rarely have scheduled flights, and The Boss's philosophy tends to be along the lines of the more unscheduled (and hence unpredictable) the better. Based out of South County (Q99 or E16, depending what year you're living in) we more often fly small (often mysterious) packages and (often obnoxious) groups of people along the western coast of the U.S., and mostly around the Bay Area.

American Airlines this ain't. Our pilots don't dress in nifty, dry-clean only uniforms. Depending on how the budget is looking, captains may get a starched white shirt on promotion, but it doesn't usually stay white or starched for very long. Other pilots dress in whatever they find comfortable. The Boss generally prefers that pilots shower at least once a month, but be warned -- rank isn't gained by being more so, and she's not above using the fire hose as a short-term remedy.

Stale doughnuts and old coffee mixed with used Aeroshell is a PGA pilot's daily bread, mostly because it's free, which is the only thing most of them can afford to eat. The other reason would be convenience, because you definitely do NOT want to let The Boss catch you dalying over a hot meal.

Our planes aren't highly polished or pretty painted pictures of modern aviation. Some of them are held together with duct tape. Baldrick does the repainting and touching up with cans of Krylon spray paint, bought in bulk and at a discount, and in whatever colors were on sale that week.

Like most airlines, PGA is not cash rich (or not so we'd admit, anyway). Pretty much everything coming in goes right back out again.

Your prime directive as a pilot is "Deliver the Cargo!" If a customer needs to get anywhere right now, PGA will get them there. If they have something nasty or possibly a shade on the wrong side of "legal" (a subjective concept, we're sure) to be hauled to a remote spot, they come to us because we don't ask questions. We may scare the pants off of them but we get the job done. Period. Bad weather doesn't stop us. Broken planes don't stop us. People don't stop us. On occasion, the laws of physics don't even stop us. And darn sure some words written on paper somewhere aren't going to stop us either. Remember, PGA pilots are all the best pilots in the world. Our motto, "Anywhere you'll ride, we'll fly!" says it all.

Our History...