PGA Management

PGA is managed by The Boss, aka Shanya. Don't ever call her Shanya, though, unless you want to see the wrong end of her priming crank handle. If you ever bump into her in Goose's Bar, watch out for her sharpened rifle. She's deadly, either way.

The Boss is the original founder of PGA. She's been here since the beginning and knows all and sees all. She holds absolute veto on everything that happens in PGA. Everything. She speaks and it had better happen... She says "No" and it had better stop. That's why she is also called "She Who must be Obeyed." Her ready priming crank handle may also contribute to the nickname. Seriously.

That said, The Boss does listen, and will give consideration to legitimate moans. She also tends to listen to and trust a handful of those Senior Captains who have been around a while, and may occasionally delegate authority as appropriate.