Yet Another Scenery!

The Old Man is at it again -- Corning Municipal in California, is ready for you to install. You can get it, as always, from our Download page.

Another Scenery

The Old Man has prepared another FS9 scenery relevant to the ongoing story, this one for 48OR, which is Lookingglass, Oregon. Stay tuned on the forum to see how it all fits in, and meanwhile you can download the scenery from the Download page.

Darby's Fishing Shack Scenery

The Old Man has done it again. Darby's Fishing Shack (2004) scenery is now available from the Download page!

Q99 Scenery Available

The Old Man's FS9 (2004) scenery is now available from the Download page.


PGA does have TeamSpeak, and Cap'n Dave and Nordbo can frequently be found therein. The Boss even spends a good bit of time there, even when she's doing other stuff like updating the news and main pages.

To get connected, download the TeamSpeak client and message or email The Boss for the connection info and password.

Busy Boss

The Boss is spending her time at Bland Field, making modifications to her Wilga. At least that's the official story. She'll be more present after February 10, when... um... her parts arrive. Yes, that's it. The doohicky for the plane has to be flown in from Poland, and kept below 5,000 feet so as to avoid... mucking with the... calibration... yeah. So it'll take a while.

What are you looking at? Shouldn't you be flying?.

Swag Available

For those who are interested, PGA now has swag. Check out our online store at CafePress. The Boss is considering a UK-based store as well, since more than half of our active pilots hail from the other side of the Pond, but she hasn't gotten to figuring out if she can do it yet. Proceeds will be put entirely towards maintenance of the site, including webspace and domain costs, and an eventual forum upgrade.